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oh, danny boy

Thus far my journey through the culinary TV listings has been pretty good.  Enjoyable in fact.  It had to end sometime.

Let me introduce you to Danny Boome:

Danny by the Sea is an ITV Anglia show from 2005 being screened on the Good Food Channel.  This is 30 minutes of my life I will never get back.  An ex-model from Cambridgeshire takes us on a trip to Cromer.  As a fan of seafood Cromer seemed a lovely place to visit – the fishermen were great, the pier was nice – I would’ve prefered to be shown around by Jamie or Rick, is all.

I got a distinct whiff of Naked Chef (backwards baseball cap and baggy jeans) as he cooks a Cromer crab risotto for the fisherman and larks about with the end of the pier crew.  Ever the lad, we even get the classic jokes: “Many an afternoon I spent on the pier trying to catch crabs!”

Danny’s second dish of the day was a slightly odd looking crab cake which his guests seemed to like.  With many shots of the glorious surroundings there were even more of his cheeky chappy face.  Pretty shellfish if you ask me.


no way jose

Jose Andres has a programme currently showing on PBS.  I happily stumbled upon this in the listings and thought I’d give it a whirl.  I watch anything involving Spanish food.

I’ve spotted Senor Andres on Top Chef and he is known for his enthusiasm which manifests itself in much arm waving and finger pointing.  The show focuses on a specific area of Spain each week where he visits cafes, restaurants and local farmers.  An animated map pops up every now and then to show where he’s been and takes us back to his current home, Washington DC.  This interrupts the flow of the programme as he doesn’t take the usual step of cooking in situ but creates his own version of a tapas classic in his US kitchen then exclaims “LET’S TAKE YOU BACK TO TENERIFE!”  Cue arm waving, exit stage left.  That seems to be his thing – he ends many a scene with “MMMMMMMMM!  That was BEAUTIFUL!” and storms off.

He also seems to be the luckiest man alive as every single thing he eats is the best EVER.  Much lip smacking, eyebrow furrowing and groaning signals that he likes his food.

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the very french frenchman

I love Raymond.  He’s one of my favourites.  His Kitchen Secrets programme showed him at his best.  Passionate, skillful, knowledgeable and, best of all, a bit silly.

‘Poor Old Adam’, as he was known in Fanny Towers, was forever getting stuff, putting stuff away, making things work and putting them back together again.  Raymond often broke things.  His endearing quality was one of a slightly clumsy, forgetful dad.  You occasionally wondered how he got where he is today.  Ocassionally.

In The Very Hungry Frenchman, BBC2’s five part trip around France, we follow Raymond around markets, vineyards and restaurants.  This really is a 30 minute show stretched to an hour.  The premise is that Raymond has not cooked in France since coming to the UK.  He now returns to places that are dear to him to cook a grand meal in a local restaurant.  In part one we met Maman Blanc, a lovely lady who looked straight to camera and said “he talks a lot”.  Yep.  He also eats a lot of cheese.  Comte, comte, comte!

There’s a clip during the title sequence of Raymond opening a microwave and the door coming away in his hands.  Tsk, the very clumsy Frenchman.



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