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make it thick, make it sticky, make it brown

“In a bar and I’m on TV… this is weird!  So twote Masterchef finalist Tony on the eve of the culinary showdown.

Emma, on the other hand wrote, “‘Twas so fricking difficult, I’m stressed just watching.”  Well, there’s no need for THAT kind of language, young lady.

Pete … oh, sorry, that’s the other one.  Simon?  Yeah, he probably muttered something softly and gave a shy smile.

I have to say I have not been impressed with this year’s series.  There’s been some back and forth on social media with John Torode defending the cooks against comments of ‘this year’s contestants are not that great’ – I agree with John in that the cooks are still up there with the best (certainly better than anything I can do) but I did tell him that I’ve had enough of the tweaking, thank you.  Yup, I went there.   Read the rest of this entry »


‘taters and tattoos

So, while looking for photographs to illustrate my recent Q&A with Chef Pizarro, I came across this link from the Financial Times of all places.  Yes, it shows that my favourite chef has indeed got ink and as a fan of tattoos myself, it got me wondering what weird and wonderful culinary tattoos there are out there …

     knuckle food tat food-tattoo-designs-9 food-tattoos-2

The answer is quite a few!