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and finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin mint

“Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.”

Thank you, sir, and now the check.

So, me and my friends would regularly chatter on about last night’s Masterchef or the merits of Slater over Stein.  Eventually, those who did not care for food-based telly programmes (I know, they do exist!) cried ‘shut up and blog it!’.  So, here we are.  It has taken me some time but, once outside of my Masterchef bubble, I have realised just how many cookery shows there are!  Bloody loads.

It was requested that I compile a list of current shows so my fellow bloggers won’t miss a morsel.  Happy to oblige.  It took me a while and I’m considering posting a permanent weekly/monthly list so our readers can also keep up.   Read the rest of this entry »


making plans for nigel

I admit to not being the biggest Nigel Slater fan.  I will certainly look at his tasty recipes in the Guardian or Observer but have avoided his writing and previous television programmes.  It’s the Nigel/Nigella problem; flowery, over-the-top language that I try to steer clear of.  Just tell me what ingredients to buy and how to make it taste bloody nice.  That’s all I need.  I am a simple creature.  Do I really need to know that the bananas displayed in your huge kitchen/diner are ambrosial or the folding in of the lavender scented sugar takes you back to a time you fell asleep in your nanna’s airing cupboard?  I am certainly not a fan of Gordon’s method: “ADD CHEESE.  MIX.  WHACK IT IN THE OVEN. DONE!” … just somewhere in between would be perfect.  In my head, this means Jamie Oliver (without the ‘bruv’s or ‘pucker’s, innit?) but I know many who disagree.

I have warmed to Nigel with his recent programmes that focus on different themes (citrus or classic comfort food for example) or give advice on what main meal to cook on day one and magically use the leftovers for days two to five.  A homely Sunday roast chicken can go a long way!  This particular episode dealt with the topic of abundance.  A glut, if you will.  Mmmmmm, glut. Read the rest of this entry »


friends with benefits

I often ask myself ‘why am I not friends with a chef off the telly?’

I am certainly friends with people who love to entertain, people who make a mean cocktail and people who do wonders with smoking and pulling stuff but, sorry, you’re no good to me until you’ve got your own show.  The ultimate experience would go something like this:
J: “Alright Fanny, it’s Jamie!  What you up to next week, bruv?  I’m doing my new show on Spanish food and need some of me mates to pop over and stuff their faces with my loverly grub.  You up for it?”
F: “Well, I suppose.  I was planning to clean out the cat litter, arrange my CD collection … yeah, why not?  Do I have to look hip?”

Many a time has my attention wandered as Nigella glides through her house with plates of food for a group of random people.  Are they neighbours being thanked for the inconvience of the film crew traipsing around?  Are they friends who are happy to appear on television looking like poshos?  Or are they actors?  Maybe, in the case of Maria McErlane, they’re all three!  I see Maria round Nigella’s ALL THE TIME.  How often does she return the favour do you think?

I’ve also spotted a familiar face or two round Jamie’s, playing with the kids or being manly with a barbeque.  Maybe Nigel doesn’t have any famous friends.  Or any friends.

Oh, go on then Nige – I’LL BE YOUR FRIEND  🙂



come whine with me

Do you love watching cookery shows?  Maybe a little too much?

Well, we do and here is our new blog where we plan to discuss everything culinary on British television.  It will take time to log and blog all the programmes out there (there are a LOT out there) but join us on our journey as we dissect Delia, reflect with Rhodes and salivate with Slater.