oh now paula. I think it’s time that you should go

22 Jun

It was a while ago now but in April we took a trip across the pond to NYC.  This was my fourth visit so I’d been up the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building – I’d done the tourist stuff.  This time I meant business.

Staying in Williamsburg, we took in the sights of Bedford Avenue, the High Line and some art by Chelsea Pier.  Of course, I’m married to a beer freak/geek so we drank at some very nice pubs and as a confirmed wine drinker I was slightly fearful of our guided tour of the Brooklyn Brewery.  It was great; I sampled some beer!  I didn’t really like it!  Never mind.  We previously visited the Ginger Man where I consumed a bottle of the only beer I actually DO LIKE.  I really like.  Carsmile tells me “typical that you like Duchesse de Bourgogne – the only beer that is unlike any other beer!”  Unique.  Classy.  That’s me.

Apart from the wrasslin’, it was all about the food for us this year.  Our flat had the Food Network so I got a chance to witness the goddess of fried, sugary, homely food that is Paula Deen in all her glory.  I was familiar with Ms Deen through watching Top Chef and was chuffed to see her in action.  Wow, so much butter, cream, sugar and syrup.  Still, she looked like she was having a lot of fun.  Maybe she was on a sugar rush – I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that she may not have her own full set of gnashers.  That must help in some way with the awesome amount of sweetness and richness of her desserts.  I really think that if Gregg Wallace met her, it might be love.

“we must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”

“we must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”

It was also great to hear her talk about the food and methods in that Southern accent with all the y’all’s

Along with the trip to the brewery we wanted to have a meal at the Gramercy Tavern.  It came with glowing recommendations from friends and the revelation that Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio was a founder were big ticks and would feed nicely with my food TV obsession.  Service, great.  Wine/beer, great.  Food, gorgeous.

One night, after a three hour trip back from the Metlife stadium, I grabbed a Cuban sandwich and plonked myself in front of the telly as Carsmile snored away in the next room.  What else did the Food Network have to offer at 02:00?  Robert Irvine.

‘Restaurant: Impossible’ sees Irvine visit eateries on their last legs, gives them a refurb and generally sorts out their troubles.  It’s a less shouty ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares’.  Irvine’s previous show was ‘Dinner: Impossible’ where our champion is set a culinary challenge.  Anything from cooking a buffet for the extras of a television show to creating a celebratory meal for Sesame Street.  On this occasion our chef sorted out Stella’s restaurant in Stratford CT.  Maybe it was the hunger getting to me or the lack of alcohol (a glass of Guinness in a football stadium seven hours earlier didn’t count) or the excitement of grown men jumping around in their pants, but this episode got to me.  It featured Michael Savoie and his mother, Cami, as they struggled to keep their Italian business afloat.  Poor Michael.  He had no real idea what he was doing any more.  Food costs, running the kitchen – it clearly became too much and he tearfully admitted to Irvine that depression had taken it’s toll and  I think the emotion had briefly taken it’s toll on me.  ANYWAY!  Everything was fiiiiiiine in the end, nothing to see here.  As you were.

where's me washboard?

where’s me washboard?

** Since I started writing this post it’s not been a good time for our female food heroines for very different reasons.  Ms Deen has been dropped from the Food Network after her admission that she has used racial slurs in the past. Will this be the end of Paula?  I’ll leave the last words to Mr Jarvis Cocker:

Hey hey Paula, I never thought we’d last this long.
Your voice annoys me and your hair’s all wrong, so wrong.
Oh and Paula, I don’t like any of your friends.
Yes, and horoscopes just send me fast asleep.



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