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Anyone else see the ghost on Saturday Kitchen this morning? Or was it just Tom Kitchin?

(thanks to Kevin Pickering)

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OzMC the Unending Ordeal*

*in a good sense

G&GIs OzMC the crucible for all the best MC trial-by-concept moves? The just-ended O/G MC (feat.Toad&Gregface) seemed oddly and anxiously in its shadow — with the introduction of Toad’s make-my-masterpiece test a hurried and blodged redux of a Gary&George move. Natalie is lovely and clearly a deserving winner — in a very strong amateur final three — but the series seemed skimped and hurried, with the cutaway-to-gurning factor higher than ever. Too much cheaty editing. JohnT seemed uncharacteristically stressed in the later stages, also (and Gregface more unwatchably over-parodic; all these tics he doesn’t really earn by DOING anything except eating and letching).**

Thing is, Gary&George (&Matt&Matt) give themselves so much generously longer, with their 90-mins masterclasses following the trials, and the endless succession of high-end cookery names cheerfully coming in to present the masterpieces to be there and then made at sight (and taste), and really almost none of them being as d!ckishly brittle as the worst sleb-chef guests on O/G MC. (I’m judging by 2011, which I’m currently watching on Really: it’s more than three months in, and we’ve just reached their final three. 2012 I haven’t seen.) Read the rest of this entry »


‘taters and tattoos

So, while looking for photographs to illustrate my recent Q&A with Chef Pizarro, I came across this link from the Financial Times of all places.  Yes, it shows that my favourite chef has indeed got ink and as a fan of tattoos myself, it got me wondering what weird and wonderful culinary tattoos there are out there …

     knuckle food tat food-tattoo-designs-9 food-tattoos-2

The answer is quite a few!