“there’s no drama like wrestling”

13 Apr

OK, OK, I had to shoe horn a wrestling angle in there somehow (all will become clear later)… that or a Marx Brothers quote.

There are always trends running through a Masterchef series and this year it seems to be duck, duck, duck (but no duck soup).  The current run continues apace with another trend – women!  Lots of them!  Quarter finals, semi finals.  Brilliant.  About bloody time.  There also seem to be a lot more curries than there have been in previous years or at least of the fiiiine diiiining caliber.

There have been some memorable moments already (the uber posh brothers, the ‘young grandmother’ who was a personal favourite, the dish that made Torode’s heart go thump) but my ultimate moment has to be the trip to Brasserie Joel for a lunch shift with Walter Ishizuka.  Anyone familiar with American culture or comedy will hopefully be aware of the genius (and I don’t use that word lightly) that is Mr Andy Kaufman.  He was a man of many characters and one of the funniest was Foreign Man with his accent and squeaky voice.  FM became known as Latka Gravas in the hit show Taxi.  I have no doubt in my mind that Chef Ishizuka is a serious, focused and talented man it just so happens that he speaks exactly like Foreign Man.  Walter, I’m so sorry.  I could not stifle my giggles and I am so glad that I was not part of that brigade – I would have been thrown out in no time and rightly so.  

I have never told a joke in my life

I have never told a joke in my life

Another element of the Kaufman performance was his wrestling – ‘Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World’ no less and as we’ve recently returned home from a trip to NYC Wrestlemania, I had to get a reference in there somehow!  We popped into Katz’s Deli where Carsmile had “what she’s having” and I had the latkes.  I wasn’t really sure why I honed in on the lovely potato pancakes with sour cream and apple sauce when I could’ve had literally anything: salami, pastrami, tuna, turkey, pasta, rye … only now do I realise that Kaufman’s influence on me was greater than I imagined.

Anyway, I digress.  Back to Masterchef.  This is really gearing up to be a cracking finale.  The week ended with a brief look at what’s to come.  It seems to involve hot kitchens, sweaty cooks and a gurning Gregg – an average week then.  I particularly loved the uber posh brother exclaiming “I’M SWEATING LIKE A RACEHORSE IN HERE!”  Aw, bless.  Much is being made (by Gregg) of ‘part-time DJ lady’.  He likes her food, he likes to do turntable impressions and he will probably do a big-fish-little-fish-cardboard-box dance in the near future.  This made me recall an episode of Saturday Kitchen last month where Martin Morales made his SK debut.  He spent time in Peru and now runs Ceviche.  He told tales of his DJ-ing past, went by the name of DJ Chef and even cooked from the DJ booth.  Hmmmm, let’s not give her any ideas.

Who will win?  Early money’s on Larkin … or Shivi … or Saira!  Oh, I don’t know!

Right, with all that talk of Kaufman I’m off to dance round the kitchen to Hole.  Tenk you veddy much.


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