is it safe?

14 Mar

Aaaand, we’re back.  Masterchef UK is on our telly boxes once again.  It only feels like yesterday that Shelina, Tom and Andrew sweated buckets in Thailand and thoroughly educated us in the way of the mango.  It’s early days but I think, ladies and gentlemen, that we’re in for a real treat!

First of all, the producers have decided to go old skool.  No X Factor style auditions this year.  Initially this made me sad as it’s clear any attempt at modernisation of MC has been shelved.  Of course, I am a fan of OZ MC and think our version became neither here nor there – the audition process didn’t sit that well as everything else about the show remained the same.  All or nothing people, all or nothing.

Could Dale be crowned champion?

Could Dale be crowned champion?

While the show remains safe, our contestants seem quite adventurous.  The standouts from day one were Dale and Emily.  Dale produced restaurant standard plates with not much in the way of mistakes (or nothing that couldn’t be ironed out easily) and Emily was good but had the potential to throw it all away (almost literally).  

Episode two introduced Ingrid, a hip looking chick from Brighton and James, the man with the teeth.  It was obvious that when asked about his training he replied ‘dental technician’ – of course you did, James, I need sunglasses just to look at you.  He came out of the same skinny, pretty mould as Dale and these two are definitely going to go far.

Dr Szell better not get his hands on our James

Dr Szell better not get his hands on our James

Towards the end of the 90 minute show which included the first quarter final, the remaining four cooks presented two courses to previous MC winners, Steven, Shelina and James.  Poor old Emily!  She left it a little late to put her lamb rack in the oven.  “You’ve got 20 minutes, how long do you need?”  “35!”  After seemingly burning the yoghurt coating and throwing it into the oven, it appeared to be completely raw.  She started to cry and said “I refuse to serve them this” which is fair enough but she had a wander out the door and Gregg talked her back.  The rest of her food was still shit, mind and she left along with Ingrid, never to return.

Our first Masterchef 2013 semi-finalists are Dale and James, hoorah!



2 responses to “is it safe?

  1. syllabubdobdee

    March 14, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    The taste test is new, isn’t it? Cooking something you’ve only eaten, not seen a recipe for?

    OzMC has really ramped it up absurdly this year, but it’s nice to see JT actually cooking (even if it means GW has even more gurning to get through).

    I was looking forward to Emily being weird and amazing, sad she went out so quickly.

  2. Fanny

    March 15, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Hmmm, it all gets blurry now, what with MC OZ, US, SA … I’m tempted to say there was something similar last year but don’t quote me on it!


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