music to wash gills by

26 Feb

… or something (sorry!).  Laura Barnett wrote a fairly pointless Guardian piece on music and food which seemed to be nothing more than an advert for a terrible sounding album of bog standard tunes accompanied by a set of sleeve note recipes from Gino D’Acampo.  It’s THREE discs containing 54 songs that can be found on any generic box set.  Jessie J, ABBA, Ronan Keating, One Direction … I could go on, but I might vomit all over my keyboard.  It seems to be aimed at a female clientele which also annoys me but I guess there’s no accounting for taste (theirs or mine).

Cooking Songs

I’ve not listened to music on the radio for the last few years so my own personal choice is to listen to 5Live as I love hearing Steve Claridge wax lyrical on the defensive frailties of Portsmouth FC and Pat Nevin moan about the quality of music played before the match at Stamford Bridge.  Most of all I love to annoy Carsmile with the football phone in on 606.  Of course, there is nothing better than dancing round the kitchen, knife in hand, singing along to T-Rex or Girls Aloud or Marilyn Manson … I highly recommend Sleigh Bells as a good kitchen band too!  Turn the volume up, and off you chop.

I’m not sure why our Laura’s wearing headphones in the Guardian article, a health and safety issue waiting to happen, that.  She goes on to discuss matching your cuisine to your tunes; a bit of fado with your feijoada or bhangra with your butter chicken … mmmmmm … it’ll no doubt get you in the mood but feels a bit restauranty.

The Turntable Kitchen which, I’m reliably informed (via twitter), Lauren Laverne has a subscription to is all about ‘connecting food and music’.  We can all connect food and music.  By ourselves.  How we want.  Thank you!  That gets my goat.  Mmmmmmmm, goat …

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that this makes me feel like the only one at a karaoke who doesn’t want to sing.  I want to laugh at the silly men talking about sport and shout at the idiots who think Arsene Wenger should be sacked.  But it’s also great to shout “PENNSYLVANIA 6-5 OH OH OH!!” every now and then.


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One response to “music to wash gills by

  1. takotsubo

    February 27, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    10/10 for the title, too!


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