le masterchef est mort, vive le masterchef!

23 Sep

OK.  Australian Masterchef.  If you have Watch TV.

A brief mourning followed the Olympics and a deeper mourning after the Paralympics so I was thrilled with the return of Celebrity Masterchef.  Any further sadness at CMC’s demise has been quelled by the start of OZ MC two weeks ago.  RESULT.  Does this mean my culinary comedown will be twice as bad in 10 weeks time?

For the uninitiated OZ MC is like the UK version on crack, as I explain here.

A tattoo loving, roller derby loving cook? Yes please!

Having missed the first week I was thrown into the deep end.  The final six contestants were chosen and off we went to the lovely house on the hill.

For the fourth season I am determined not to spoiler myself – I’ve watched the first and third seasons knowing who wins from the beginning.  No random internet research!  Avoid spoilers from previous contestants on social media!

So far there are a couple of stand outs, people that have been focused on.  Debra, a middle-aged lady working in the architecture field and Ben a hip, young teacher.  There are also a couple of keen pastry cooks and a LOT of tattoos.  Like, loads.  I may as well be watching a Premier League football match.  There is also the obligatory hat.  Why do people think it’s OK to cook while wearing a hat?  I’m not talking about a tall, white titfer or other form of actual chef attire, I’m talking about a fedora (Chris Badenoch, I’m looking at you) or beanie (Aaron Harvie, a lot to answer for).  There is a heavily featured hat in this series belonging to a young lady who favours the sweeter things in life.  I’m going out on a limb and say this is a security blanket/confidence issue which is fine, it’s just it would never occur to me to cook in a hot kitchen wearing a bloody hat!  I also remove my wedding rings before cooking but, there you go.

Fear of a Black Hat

In previous seasons the devilish Adriano Zumbo has been the creator of terrifying desserts and introduced me to the croquembouche for which I am eternally ungrateful.  Last year Peter Gilmore asked the final few to recreate his snow egg.  Before we enter week three he has returned with something ‘far more difficult’  😦

The eight textured chocolate cake.  Frickin’ awesome.

Australian Masterchef, long may you reign.


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