greece is the word

19 Aug

With lots of shows cued up on my telly box and the weather waaaay too hot for lil’ ol’ me I decided to have, not quite a marathon, more a fun run of a few of these summery episodes.

One that stood out, initially for good reasons, was ‘Lyndey and Blair’s Taste of Greece’.  One of the myriad Australian shows on the Good Food Channel, this was a 13 part road trip across the Peloponnese for a mother and son.  We are introduced to Blair Milan as an actor and voice-over artist and his mother, Lyndey, a presenter and all round culinary expert.  The moment Blair speaks he is clearly an actor, handsome and confident, appearing in Home and Away among other shows.

They seem to have a great relationship and when they stop in Athens to visit the Agora Market to point at the goat heads, Lyndsey exclaims “having brought him up to be knowledgeable about food I was surprised at how squeamish Blair was – so I decided to make him eat some tripe soup!”  The gelatinous soup is served …

L: “It’s an acquired taste”
B: “Let’s see how acquired … 😦 it’s not the best thing I’ve put in my mouth!”

Mum takes son to the famous Stani Patisserie by way of an apology.  Known for it’s yoghurt, you can chose between cows or sheep with extras including nuts and honey.  It looked gorgeous.

They later went their separate ways, Lyndey to the Acropolis Museum to gawp at the statues (“look at that CUTE BUTT 🙂 ” and Blair heads off with some bloke called George to the strip of bars and cafes to sample the night life eating the equivalent of a pizza or kebab (George: “the thing is, you never ask what they’re putting in that bun.  Just eat it!”).  They reunite the next day for a visit to the fabulous looking Brettos Distillery, opened in 1909 serving 642 different types of drink including 36 liqueurs unique to their bar.  The clear bottles were displayed almost floor to ceiling revealing hundreds of crazy, vibrant colours.


They make their way to the Peloponnese via boat sampling some seafood washed down with ouzo.  Blair spots the bridge ahead and books himself in for a bungee jump.  His terrified mother looks on at her nervous son.  He has a blast.

This series follows the path of most travel style food shows – nothing in the way of actual cooking but lots of information should you wish to go there yourself.  Lyndey tells us what they’re up to in the next episode and the final voice-over is left to the expert, Blair.  “We sampled some of the best Athens has to offer – good times!”

Now came the shocker …

Blair Milan
1981 – 2011
good times

In between completing the show and the transmission date, Blair died suddenly of acute myeloid leukaemia aged 29.



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