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tonight there’s going to be a jailbreak somewhere in this town

Despite not being a fan of Chef Ramsay I have a passion for food and more than a passing interest in the justice system so, I wonder, does Gordon have what it takes to set up a culinary business in HMP Brixton?  Will Gordon’s confrontational and foulmouthed approach be a hit among the burglars, thieves and addicts or will chaos ensue?

We start the show with a quick run down of Gordon’s family history and his hopes and fears for this pet penal project.  This will no doubt draw comparisons with Jamie Oliver’s school dinners revolution but the moment Gordon walks into the prison, hands over his keys and phone he looks more vulnerable than Oliver ever did.  Well, there were tears and the odd lip tremble from the Essex boy but our ex-footballer appears tougher than than – just.

This isn’t a recipe show, a travel guide or competition.  This is not fun.  We get the voice over cliches and the swearing but [cliche alert] this has the potential to actually change lives (as apposed to a Masterchef banker quitting their day job to follow the culinary dream).   Read the rest of this entry »