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adventures in cookery pt 1

So, along with discussions of food on the telly, I thought it might be nice to share our culinary experiments with the world.  Have you ever been galvanised by Galton or motivated by Madhur?  I have.  I’ve mainly been stimulated by Stein on his recent Spanish trip – we had a whole day of making tapas.  More of that later.

In the meantime I shall leave you with the thought that this rock n roll chick is about to embark on the creation of her very own wine cellar.  Not just any old wine cellar.  One that, quite literally, rocks…

Yep, some Shiraz chez Fanny.  Not sure why the Sauvignon is from New Zealand though. Soon to be added to the collection, Motorhead, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones and Motley Crue! 

Most of these seemed destined to remain in my cellar, gathering dust – not because I think they’ll be worth anything but I don’t like red wine 😦  It seems a good Cabernet is what all the rockers are dinking.

For those about to booze, I salute you  \m/




On Saturday Kitchen’s Best Bites on Sunday there was a rare re-run of John Torode actually cooking something, a jammy beef rendang. The MC mask is off, he looks really relaxed, fires off gags, and his Australian accent is a lot more noticable (g’day!). Lovely knifework too (like all proper brigade chefs he can do that thing with an onion that drew blood from me the last time I tried it). The segment featured at least a couple of plugs for his book John Torode’s Beef, which has one of the most unattractive cookbook covers I have ever seen:


“John. John? Heeeeyyy. Don’t worry about the hair. Can you sit on this throne (THRONE!) in stagey blackout and look a bit diffident? Then we’ll get the trainee designer to stick billion-point Machine all over the cover like it’s 1996 or something.” Weirdly, I went past the Dalston Oxfam shop on the bus yesterday and there was a copy in the window, his bored-puppy face watching the hipsters stroll by.

It seems to be pretty popular with Amazon buyers, if fairly sticking-to-the-knitting. Also, when I Googled for ‘john torode’s beef’, the first auto-complete was for ‘john torode’s wife’. The public have declared their real interests.