15 Mar

Something I’ve heard on more than one occasion this year on Masterchef is “but you don’t even LIKE [insert foodstuff]!  Why on EARTH are you cooking with it?!!”

Calm down, John.  Is he really saying that he a) only cooks with ingredients he likes or b) he likes every food known to mankind?  I read somewhere that our favourite antipodean chef is allergic to crabs (no sniggering please) and that once he tastes the contestants food he nips off to have a shot of adrenaline.  Now, that’s hardcore.

I understand that there are types of food or certain ingredients that one might abhor – my own food hells are coffee and olives (EVIL, EVIL) and I can’t say for sure that I could give a fair and balanced critique of a coffee cream parfait.  I would, however, attempt to cook one in the hope of wowing the judges although my ability to taste as I went may hamper my efforts.

As I peruse a menu deciding between meat or fish, pudding or cheese,  I know what to avoid.  I may go so far as to chose a great sounding dish and pick out the offending fruit but don’t feel I should be divaesque with demands to “hold the olives!”  If a chef deems that they bring all the flavours together, who am I to quibble?

John and Greg’s apparent shock at Afsaneh’s attempt at cooking liver was well founded in the end.  Even though she knew it didn’t need much cooking, it was very over done.  As two experienced food guru’s I believe their dismay is pure entertainment.  Many years ago they found it hard to believe that chocolate and beetroot could be combined to make a tasty cake.  Well, it did and you can find it in many gastro pubs around the country.  They must be aware of all the new food trends and blends so, just maybe, they like to flatter the amateur in to thinking they’ve discovered a new flavour combination.


One response to “wwjtd?

  1. syllabubdobdee

    March 16, 2012 at 10:18 am

    There was a brief thing about this in MCNZ, wasn’t there — a Vegan determinedly cooking meat dishes. With things that actively disgust you: I can easily imagine you don’t have good judgment whether they’re cooked better or worse if you can’t stand the taste or feel of them anywhere near your mouth. And I think the advice “stick with what you have a feel for” is pretty good advice.

    But MC is very much about pushing people out of their comfort zone, and they are looking for well-rounded chefs!! So, yes. it’s definitely Janus-faced here.


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