“i’ve come up with more recipes than you’ve had hot dinners”

21 Feb

NZMasterchef’s Ray McVinnie introduces himself^^^ with an obvious FIB. (Also I think this is a repeat from ages ago…)


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7 responses to ““i’ve come up with more recipes than you’ve had hot dinners”

  1. Ewan M

    February 23, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Apparently, it’s from 2010. I just watched the first episode the other night as well, and had been wondering if the fine people at bloggingdoesntgettougherthanthis (is there an acronym?) had been watching too, so glad to see nothing escapes their attention. Despite having grown up in NZ (or perhaps because of it, since fayn dayning didn’t feature highly in my list of student-era activities), I have no idea who the judges are, but they’re an interesting group…

  2. chef de cuisine

    February 23, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    Indeed, Masterched NZ was regular viewing at Fanny Towers (mainly just to get my MC fix). A couple of months ago Watch TV ran a quick trailer for season two but I’ve not seen a peep since. I found it quite difficult to warm to any of the judges (although it was nice to see Ross Burden after all these years, Ready Steady Cook was never the same without him). I found them to be devoid of any personality. Basically not as great as John & Greg (or Oz MC’s Gary & Greg).

    Is BDGTTT too much of a mouthful for you, Ewan? 🙂

  3. syllabubdobdee

    February 24, 2012 at 10:59 am

    It’s BDGTtT! <— small t

    I just watched the second two (of three so far) back to back. 1 was mass auditions I guess; 2 was first qualification heat, reducing the field from 24 (including obvious comedy sillies) to 12 fer-real competitors, taking place in some vast air hangar type place. 3 was the first stage of the final proper: one competitor sent home, for the worst dish in competition pressure (a weird experimental chicken-and-fruit upside-down pie which simply didn't cook properly).

    Some things that are annoying me:

    1: the requirement that there's an appropriate facial demeanour — there's a super-serious guy who never smiles, they keep asking "where's the passion?" This is honestly merely encouraging acting and mimicry.

    2: There's a thing which ALWAYS ALWAYS bugs me. It first annoyed me in Gordon Ramsay's shtick as well (though it's quite well down any list of Ramsay annoyances, obviously). It's the dismissal of offerings in reference to a dated fashionability (or sometimes because they follow the lines of such-and-such a non-standard high-street cuisine: what food looks like in an indian or a chinese restaurant, most often). There's something titanically smug about looking back from the high plateau of now to sneer at food fashions, in presentation or content, of four decades ago. As if to say "now at last we all see everything utterly clearly": especially when the observation is basically a rubbish hand-wavey cliche. The precision fol-de-rols of "this level of fine dining" are going to look every bit as daft in 20 years' time: have some self-awareness, judge-d00ds.

    3: minor but it's quite clumsily delivered… various nips and tucks and speed-ups to indicate the scale of these early stages (people have to run across the air-hangar to their stations; this running, and various other walk–from-here-to-here shots are speeded up); also whenever the just with the englishest accent — on the left above — says your time starts NOW, the "now" is clipped out of the s/t. What's going on here?

  4. syllabubdobdee

    February 27, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    (Notes on Ep 4): I really dislike the way this red/blue team round led to someone being sent home, especially as Tracey was sent home basically for being a poor leader, not a poor cook. It’s badly conceived Ramsayism, and it sucks.

    Also the very sharp clipping continues: “Brett, you’re –” … what? We had to guess by context.

  5. syllabubdobdee

    March 8, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    Seem to have missed a whole bunch, for some reason — set to record autuomatically but it didn’t — and the one I’m now watching is the final, between Kelly and Brett. They just made sausages, now they’re making a croquenbouche. I like this face-off, especially the way they’re asked to do a basic (but unusual) thing like sausages, and then an insane thing like croquenbouche from recipe only. They haven’t watched an expert doing it. Though Ray and the others wander over and give them tips.

    And all the others — the runners up — sit at the side silently rooting for them (and suffering with them).

  6. chef de cuisine

    March 9, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    Ah, yes, the croquenbouche! I wasn’t aware of it’s existence until series 1 MC OZ, I was genuinely WTF (especially as it introduced us to Adriano Zumbo)? I now see it everywhere as the pinnacle of pastry cooking. I think the croquebouche deserves a post all of it’s own.

  7. funkypurplemonkey

    May 20, 2012 at 3:43 am

    Ray McVinnie: This guy is ONLY a food critic nowadays. He hasn’t been a chef in YEARS and yet condescends every moment possible. And what is with that hair color?? Who does he think he’s foolin’? It’s ridiculous to say the least. And his lisp. Did he suffer form lockjaw? Bad denture fitting? HIs pompousness is a HUGE turnoff. It’s worse than fellow judge Ross Burden’s, ‘English stiff upper lip’.

    Ross Burden: The guy comes off as ANOTHER Englander treating NZ like a 2nd or 3rd tier commonwealth. The jabs in the beginning of the series was hard for me to overlook. Not to mention, he to apparently felt a slicked back, Dutch Boy-like haircut is ‘suitable’ for his over-middle-aged image. Big fail.

    Simon Gault: The nonsensical way this guy laid into the 21 year old contestant ‘Karyn’ from the 1st season was ridiculous. She is a YOUNG woman, feeling her way to become a young adult. Her crackin’ open a pint AFTER cooking her meal wasn’t proper etiquette. However, laying into her the way he had and later having her ‘do the dishes for the week’ was childish, petty. Though the BIGGEST offense on his part was giving Karyn grief, again, for boiling a crawfish live. I believe Gault and other spineless-like people like him kow-tow to idiotic, ‘People’s Ethical Treatment for Crustacians’ or as I’m sure like-minded institutions. Crustacians aren’t ascended beings. They haven’t pain receptors like animals, homo-sapiens. For Simon Gault to cause such a fuss over such benign techniques was idiocy-in-action.

    The show is a good representation and continuation of the far better American Masterchef series. The Oz series.. with ‘cooking lesson’s’ – WHO wants to watch people watching Chef’s cook?

    I feel the American Masterchef installment is best for they’re not incorporating ‘recipes’ (?) and their judges have more personality, backstory.


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